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Guillermo Iván Bernal has taken office as president of the Association of Brotherhoods of Baena, a position in which he renews after four years in office, at the beginning of the year as a member.

Guillermo Bernal thanked the seven brotherhoods of Holy Week for their unanimous support for the candidacy and asked them to continue working together in this new stage. At the beginning of the year, the brother confirmed that the Cabildo magazine will be out, the drumming workshop will be held, there will be a Dark Arc Photography contest in the categories of Easter in general, Brotherhood of Silence and what will be the official poster for Easter 2021 which corresponds to the Brotherhood of our Father Jesus del Huerto and San Diego.

Regarding the town crier, he recalled that it will be the same as Easter this year that was not celebrated due to confinement: José Carmona. Finally, the chaplain of the Association of Brotherhoods, the priest Jesús Corredor, recalled that despite the health situation the act of the beginning of the brotherhood year is carried out because "the brotherhoods do not exist only to go out on the street", in their statutes say that they are associations of the Catholic faithful that help Christians to live their faith. So "being a brother is not reduced to a week", because despite the rain or the pandemic, he is still a brother throughout the year.

Guillermo Ivan with the Elder Brothers of the Holy Week Brotherhoods

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The governing board is completed by Alejandro Ruiz, vice president; Trinidad Cruz, treasurer; María José Sánchez, secretary; Verónica Agundo, Deputy Secretary; Antonio Rafael Pérez, vice treasurer; members: Francisco Javier Ocaña, Javier Núñez and Antonio Montilla.  

Guilermo Iván with his Board of Directors and Authorities

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